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What HVAC Employers Are Looking For in Job Candidates

What HVAC Employers Are Looking For in Job Candidates

Like in any industry, HVAC employers are always looking for motivated, stand-out candidates. Of course, there are traits we all expect to see on resumes or hear in interviews: hard-working, self-starter, reliable, and others. And these traits are certainly crucial to success in HVAC careers.

Here we’ll dive deeper into specific ways you can become a desirable candidate to HVAC employers.

David Saad is the owner of Samco Facilities, a company that regularly hires Northwestern Tech graduates. He recently shared what he looks for in HVAC candidates seeking employment, providing critical insights for future grads and current HVAC job seekers.

The Basics

Of course, a host of general buzzwords are used to describe a solid job candidate, like exceptional time management skills, detail-oriented, integrity, accountability, reliability, and more. These characteristics are also critical to HVAC employers. Employers are looking to avoid staffers who frequently make mistakes, can’t get along with their coworkers, or simply underperform. They don’t want to waste resources and time training someone only to have to replace them in a few months.

According to David Saad, HVAC employers can be picky, and they have good reason to be. Whether your day-to-day focus is residential or commercial, people rely on HVAC companies and technicians for their ongoing safety and comfort. Hiring recent grads who take customer needs seriously is essential to a company’s success.

Beyond the Grades

In our conversation with Saad, he mentioned that HVAC program grades aren’t the most important thing to his company. Instead, he looks for candidates who retained the material. He explained that in his experience, he’s seen technicians graduate with straight As but fail miserably when they start their HVAC career.

On the other hand, he’s hired HVAC graduates with decent grades who have become exceptional employees.

Saad looks for candidates who align with his company’s goals and complement the rest of his team. Does this mean that HVAC employers only hire one specific type of worker? Of course not. Instead, Saad employs technicians who share the same motivation and accountability as the rest of this team – graduates with professionalism who can maintain positive relationships with many people, even when things get challenging.

Another interesting but telling quality Saad and his company look for is accountability. He uses a simple interview question for potential hires. “Tell me about your old boss.” How candidates talk about previous employers is telling. Do you speak highly of them? Or do you throw them under the bus quickly? HVAC employers look for technicians who can build solid working relationships and show respect for others even after an opportunity has ended.

Applicants should be mindful of how they demonstrate relationship-building and accountability in employment interviews. Having a story or two to share about how you’ve handled a work challenge successfully can be helpful.

Education Matters

Ultimately, every HVAC employer is different and has their own set of expectations. Know that you’re in control of your job skills and your approach to your career. It’s always best to choose an employer who aligns with your needs and values.

Wondering where to start? Northwestern Tech may be right for you! Our grads have stellar job placement rates with companies like Samco Facilities, and employers like Saad feel good about hiring our grads. Start today.

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