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AC Repair School & (EPA) Certification

Air Conditioning repair is offered as part of our 10 ½ month HVAC program. The air conditioning industry has grown significantly, with AC installations becoming a more commonly observed feature in homes. By 2030, the global HVAC market size is estimated to grow to $367.5 billion. An estimated 151 million units have been installed throughout the world. The exceptional growth in the industry also opens up new opportunities for those who are interested in a technical career.

The repairs, installation, and maintenance of air conditioning units and refrigeration systems is a rewarding career choice but does require the right skills. While organizations may have specific demands, the right entry certificate can help a person gain an advantage when submitting a job application.

AC Repair Training

An air conditioning system consists of multiple electrical components and hardware, each playing a part in ensuring that a home or building can be kept at a preferable temperature. With this in mind, training needs to provide a comprehensive overview of each part and help you understand how everything comes together to form an AC system.

Thus, our AC technician training starts with the most essential factors related to the following parts:

AC Motors
DC Motors
Motor Controls

We also provide a complete overview of how control functions work and offer an explanation of different parts that can be found inside the air conditioning unit. These areas form the basis of the course and will allow the upcoming courses to be easier to understand for the student.

Once the basic fundamentals of AC and Refrigeration are learned, the student has the appropriate knowledge and skills that are needed to complete the required certifications. This includes the EPA Section 608 certificate, a governmental required certification that AC repair professionals need to undergo before they offer services to customers.

specialist cleans and repairs the wall air conditioner

Requirements For AC Repair (EPA) Certification

It is generally advised for a person to be technical minded and should be happy to work with electronics. AC repairs primarily consist of hands-on jobs. Other features that AC repair specialists should meet include the need to be dependable and having a determined characteristic.

The student also needs to determine the appropriate area they wish to focus on. This may include residential or commercial repair services, or installation.

Career Opportunities With AC Repair (EPA) Certification

There are multiple opportunities for individuals who obtain a certificate and EPA certification through our AC trade school. There are career opportunities related to the servicing of both residential, as well as commercial properties. Some may also focus on providing services to industrial AC systems.

Once the student receives their certificate and is EPA certified, the student may find a career at a repair shop, consider starting their own business, or become a technician at an equipment dealer. These experts are also in demand at wholesalers who specialize in parts and equipment for air conditioning systems.

Heating And AC Training & (EPA) Certification

Training is considered a critical part prior to following this career path - it provides students with the skills needed to obtain entry-level employment in the field and to ultimately maximize salary potential.

How To Get Heating and AC (EPA) Certified?

The process of becoming an EPA certified HVAC technician starts with choosing Northwestern Tech! The training program consists of several courses that need to be completed.

While other air and heating schools exist, it is important to closely consider what each can offer you. All of our AC and heating courses are developed by experts in the industry with years of experience. This sets us apart as we take you through a more comprehensive level of training - ensuring the student understands both the theoretical and practical elements that an HVAC technician is expected to know.

Our courses always start with the most basic elements, helping the student have a better understanding of how these units are structured. We then move on to the more technical details, which allow the student to get the skills needed for repairs, servicing, and the installation of new HVAC systems.

A young Asian air conditioner technician or air-conditioning installation technician is about to repair air conditioning in homes and buildings.

Job Duties Of Heating And AC Technicians

Examples of duties that the HVAC technician will be required to perform include:

  • The maintenance of the entire HVAC system, including heating and cooling units.

  • The installation of new units or the extension of existing units to cover more rooms in a building.

  • The ability to quickly diagnose problems that cause specific issues with an HVAC system.

  • Repairing problems once the issue is diagnosed and a specific cause can be pinpointed.

Who Should Apply At Air And Heating Schools?

Attending a heating and AC training program demands hands-on work and dedication.  People who like to work with their hands typically excel in an HVAC program.  In addition, the HVAC trade requires that people be dependable in order to be effective in this career path.

HVAC Technician Training

The HVAC technician enjoys a challenging, fast-paced career that constantly puts them in contact with people and homes. Understanding how air conditioning units work is an invaluable asset to any home or building.

‘HVAC technician’ is a blanket term used for HVAC specialties. However, when an HVAC technician goes through training, they acquire skills in installing, repairing, and replacing HVAC systems. Some technicians specialize in jobs such as refrigeration technicians. With that, they focus on working with refrigeration systems (HVAC/R).

Skills And Character Required for HVAC Technicians

Some of the characteristics that these technicians need include:

Mechanical Skills

Be Detail-Oriented

Position Requirements for HVAC Professionals

Technical HVAC service tech training and education are essential to starting an HVAC career.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certification is a requirement in every state. It demonstrates proper training in handling the various refrigerants that are used in HVAC equipment.

Education And (EPA) Certification Requirements, HVAC Industry Organizations

In addition to specialized HVAC career training from a technical institution, and EPA certification, there are a number of industry-related professional organizations technicians can join that help support a career in HVAC such as:

  • Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA)
  • American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers, Inc.  (ASHRAE)
  • Refrigeration Service Engineers Society (RSES)
  • Southeastern Michigan Air Conditioning Contractors Association (SMACCA)
  • Detroit Metropolitan Apartment Association (DMAA)

Some of these organizations offer information and preparation materials for some of the more advanced industry certifications such as the North American Technician Excellence (NATE) certification examinations.

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