Ultimate Guide to HVAC

HVAC Careers Are Better Than Many Blue-Collar Jobs

HVAC careers are among the most sought-after blue-collar jobs on the market–for good reason.
We say this not to knock your current experience if you’re not in the field but to put into
perspective how many unique, exciting benefits are offered in HVAC careers.

Many blue-collar jobs have a long list of benefits that get overlooked. Things like competitive
salaries, solid benefits, job security, and being an essential part of our economy and daily life
apply to blue-collar work; HVAC careers are no exception. However, let’s take this a step further.

Why Are HVAC Careers So Special?

HVAC careers are versatile. Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning are critical functions of any
commercial or residential construction. This means several types of HVAC careers are available
to grads based on their particular skills and interests. For example, there are career
for Residential or Commercial HVAC Technicians, Green Energy Technicians,
Refrigeration Technicians, and more.

With all the possible HVAC routes in mind, that leads us to the heightened demand for those
HVAC careers. What’s better? The hot demand won’t settle down anytime soon.

According to projections from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, HVAC employment is set to
increase by another 14% through the end of 2024. This is a good sign for interested candidates,
soon-to-be grads, and current HVAC job seekers because there’s plenty of opportunity paired
with substantial job security.

Beyond the versatility and security, HVAC careers offer excellent compensation and benefits.
Northwestern Tech graduates reported an average starting wage of $18.04 per hour with so
much potential for income growth. Depending on the niche market you choose, earning potential
can reach up to $85,000 annually or more than $100,000 annually in green energy-focused

In addition to high salaries, many HVAC career professionals earn great benefits packages,
including structured bonuses, 401k retirement plans, and competitive health insurance plans.

HVAC Careers Take it a Step Further

A career in HVAC takes blue-collar work to the next level because not only are you improving
your customers’ quality of life every day, but you’re able to do it from nearly anywhere while
positively impacting the environment and honing your problem-solving skills.

You can rest easy knowing that your work improves your customers’ lives. Whether someone’s
air conditioning went out on a hot summer day or an office experienced a heating unit failure in
the middle of winter, you provided comfort and safety.

Even better, the demand for HVAC careers is high across the United States. No matter where
you live or want to live, HVAC specialists are always needed–everywhere.

Finally, HVAC jobs are mentally stimulating. They require problem-solving skills and keep you
on your toes. This means every day is different. You’ll remain learning, challenged, and mentally
engaged throughout your HVAC career.

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