Ultimate Guide to HVAC

How to Find Jobs in HVAC After Northwestern Tech

You’ve just graduated from Northwestern Tech and are actively looking for jobs in HVAC…Where should you start? For any recent grad or someone starting a job hunt, there are a few things you can do to set yourself up for success and make your search more efficient.

Entering the job market can be overwhelming, but read on for our comprehensive guide on securing the HVAC job you’re looking for.

Select a Niche…Or Not

Before deep diving into the HVAC job market, narrowing down your search is important. In other words, if you prefer residential work, commercial work, large companies, smaller businesses, or other specific work settings, prioritize these preferences in your search for jobs in HVAC.

It’s easy to get bogged down and consumed by all of the options in front of you. Setting priorities can help you ease into the ebbs and flows of applying and interviewing. It can make your searches more palatable and less stressful. Ultimately, it puts you in the driver’s seat and in a position to pick and choose the type of career you want.

Not feeling too picky about where you end up? Even better, the world is your oyster! Start with some research into companies you may be interested in, use your connections, like the ones you made while at Northwestern Tech, and get to applying.

Beef Up Your Resume

Once you’ve decided on the type of HVAC job you might like, tailor your resume with that angle. A quick Google search can help you find several effective templates for building a solid HVAC resume. Here are a few tips to jumpstart yours:

  1. Put some time into writing an effective summary of your skills and qualifications
  2. Highlight your most relevant experience and accomplishments in the field
  3. Include your education and certifications earned
  4. If you’ve had long-term positions in other industries, include them, to demonstrate loyalty and other skills you bring to a future employer

Building a resume to help you stand out while looking for jobs in HVAC is a critical step in landing a job you’re proud of. Do the research, and don’t cut corners. Even better? As a part of the last class you’ll take during your Northwestern Tech program, we’ll help build a strong, effective resume.

Job Placement Assistance is Your Best Friend

At Northwestern Tech, our job placement assistance program is designed to support every student in jump-starting their career after graduating. Our team works tirelessly with every student to do everything we can to get them placed in a job that they are happy with.

We’ll go over your resume, discuss your career goals and aspirations, and work within our network to try to secure your first gig. If you do the heavy lifting before these conversations with our job placement team–know the type of job that you’re looking for and beef up your resume–you’ll be putting yourself in a great position to secure the best job for you.

If the stress of entering the HVAC job market weighs on you, don’t fret too much. The HVAC industry is booming, and there’s no shortage of jobs up for grabs. Trust in your skills, education, and connections at Northwestern Tech that the right job will come your way.

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