Skilled HVAC Tradesman are Needed

HVAC Job Placement Assistance For Every Graduate

We take the same hands-on approach you’ll find in the classroom to making sure every graduate has an opportunity to work in the field. Starting in Career Development, we sit-down with every student, go over your resume, discuss your Career Goals, and work tirelessly to get you working in the field.

Our HVAC Job Fairs

Twice a year 15-20 HVAC, Refrigeration, and Property Maintenance companies come to Northwestern Tech for our Career Fairs. This is a great opportunity for our graduates to meet many HVAC related companies at one time and do on-site interviews.

HVAC Jobs Fair

Skilled Tradesman Are Needed in Our Economy

To get ahead these days you need to have a marketable skill set. These graphics show the trending demand in the US economy away from “Unskilled” workers and toward “Skilled” workers, like HVAC Tradesman. Source:  Fleming, K (2013). Success in the New Economy;

Next Class Starts July 26th

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